Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shrewsbury Church, now it's gone.

The last known picture of the Shrewsbury Church taken with a Graflex Speed Graphic on photo paper.

Nestled in the Lower Laurentians in the County of Gore was this little white church that was the last standing building of the long gone village of Shrewsbury. Built around 1856 by hand it was still intact when I visited the place back in 1990 with it's furniture, organ and the original bell. I remember that visit very well since it was in the Spring and we were attacked by countless bugs. When your car gets banged repeatedly by kamikaze bees and mosquitoes, it kind of stays burned in your mind.

Interior of the church taken with the same process.

Fast forward a few weeks ago when a photog friend posted pictures of the little white church on his wall. I couldn't believe the state it was in. Vandals had trashed the place over the years and despite the concern and implication of local residents for its preservation, the church was just a shell of its former self.
Inside the chucrch where the alter used to be. Shot with Fuji X10.
My new found passion for photography and my concern as an ex-resident of Gore called for documenting what remained. So off we went last Sunday after packing the car with photo gear. After fighting the crazy micro weather of Gore we ended up in front of the church. I pulled out the Graflex and shot it with photo paper and the rest was done with Sony a230 and Fuji X10. Thankfully the weather cleared and I was able to take some decent shots. I was planning to come back in the Spring for a more green setting.

Bell tower where the original and replacement bell were stolen.
That won't be happening. It turns out that a few hours after I left, some morons burnt the church to the ground. I hope these idiots find out soon that Karma is a bitch.

Detail inside the bell tower shows hand cut beams probably made from local timber. Those weren't made in a sawmill but with axes and elbow grease.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

This is why Medium Format film is so amazing.

I recently got myself an Epson V500 scanner to scan my film. No more half-ass rigs with my digital camera. What a difference. I was scanning some of my 120 medium format film and started to blow them up a bit to see how good they came out and found this. A picture inside a picture, pretty cool. The negative was scanned at 2400 dpi and it was shot with a Yashica A on Fuji Acros 100 film.

Picture of a Vintage Chevy at a car show taken with a Yashica A.

Look closer.

Here's me taking the shot with the Yashica A and a fill flash. Pretty amazing.
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Gerry :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last Photoshoot at Geo Reed plant in Montreal

While shooting at the  Geo Reed abandonned plant in Montreal, me and my Muse came across another photog who heard the place would soon be demolished. Turns out it is true. The building starts coming down on December 9th to make way for a new highway. I'm glad we got out there despite the cold as  I don't think we'll get another chance to shoot there. If you are reading this before the 9th and never been, get a buddy and go before it's gone.

Thanks for watching. I'll be doing another post soon of the pieces I also shot there after post edit.

Gerry  :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mont-Tremblant racetrack Fall Classic

Spent the day at the track yesterday and the weather was bad. However, rain makes for a nice light diffuser and the results can be quite amazing. My Sony a230 DSLR was at it's limits since the light was poor and the cars were fast. Reason more to push the photographer when resources are not optimal.

2008 Hyundai Tiburon

MG driver

Fiat 750Abarth

1966 Mini Cooper

911 Porsche beauty shot

Driver Douglas Kurtain discussing with pit crew chief.

G70 Plus race getting the green flag

1965 Ford Mustang driven by Richard Cloutier

1972 Porsche 911 RS of Doug Kurtin

Honda Civic

Enrico Sasso's Turbo VW Golf

Terry Milnes Mini Cooper

Jason Di Cesar's 1969 VW Beetle

Terry Watson's 1958 Devin Chevrolet

Me in the rain

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Antique orphan Photographs

I always keep my eye open for interesting antique cameras when visiting flea markets and antique shops. Once in a blue moon I'll come across something interesting picture wise.

Such is the case of these 3 items found in a Cap Cod antique shop this summer. They are glass 5X7 wet plates of a place and time unknown for now. I've posted the original scan and the retouched version after giving it a go in Gimp.


If you know anything about wet plate photography, you know this photographer was hardcore to shoot this in the cold of winter.


I'm guessing City Hall of some place. Branches tell the story of a windy day. This was probably around 25 ISO at best. Depth of field is very shallow and something happened in processing which I cannot figure out yet.


What's interesting about this one is if you look in the lower left corner, you can actually see the shadow of the photographer.
Feel free to do better and if you know these places and time, do let me know.

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Gerry :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pushing film in Downtown Montreal.

I set myself a challenge to shoot only film for a week, no digital. Last evening I was setting out for a walk downtown with my buddy and realized that this would be a challenge.

I didn't want to use a flash so I decided to use a Kodak 400TX film and push it to 800 ISO. What you do is load with 400 ISO, set the camera to 800 ISO and add 20% more time when processing the film later on. These would be shot in the fashion of Daido Moriyama. I've been wanting to do this for some time after doing it with a digital camera and this was the perfect occasion.

I'm very happy with the result. 15 pictures from a roll of 24 came out to my liking. This was my first time shooting with this Ricoh 35ZF which I got for $5 at a thrift store. Not a bad buy.

Metro Cowboy

In his own universe

Waiting and texting

Place d'Armes Metro station

Chinatown walkers

St-Laurent and Ste-Catherine

Vacuuming after closing time on Ste-Catherine 

Being photographed, twice!

Young Ladies on a night out

McDonald's, "Can I take your order please?"

Shelter from the rain on Ste-Catherine

Walking by the photo exhibit

1970's photo exhibit of Montreal

Sex Shop on Ste-Catherine

Montreal PD on St-Laurent

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