Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Top 10 Pictures of 2012

Well it's been quite a year for me and photography. I've rediscovered the magic of film, became a citizen photojournalist, got published in online zines and some of my shots made it in 2 exhibits including the World Press here in Montreal.

Being a freelancer means I take pics for me and this is also the premise for my selection of the year's 10 favourite pictures of mine. That's right, favourite not best. Out of over 20 000 images I chose the ones that pleased me not just for their overall look but for what was behind the image. Each one has a story beyond what's in the frame and they bring back happy memories.

So I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taken them.

Taken during a very cold outside show in front of Place des Arts while on safari with my buddy Bob. One of my first shots actually knowing what I was doing composition wise while on the fly.

You don't see those in the wild too often. The original idea was to shoot it while it was waiting at the light from the front. Sure enough the light changed before I was ready and the car went on it's way. I settled for this rear shot hoping something good would come out as I had to recompose pretty fast. Needless to say I was very pleased with the result.

Not a great picture but a very scary one. While even though the crowd was burning things in the middle of the street during one of the Summer's evening protests, I wasn't too worried about them. What I was worried about were the riot cops seconds away that would show up at my back while I was shooting this. Thankfully I was able to move out before they showed up.

Taken while on safari with my friend Denis-Carl. I used the timer to set up this long exposure of the Montreal Forge and Five Rose sign when a car drove in the middle of my shot. F%?&! I took another one after but this one came out looking better than what I had planned.

Technically not a very good shot but you had to be there to know how unreal this situation was. This nice cop was giving the evening's rule for the upcoming protest and the people in the masks did not really give a flying one as they exchanged no words with the officer keeping this pose during the speech.

The leg pose, planned. The moving metro cars, planned. The Lady smacked dab in the middle of both cars, not planned. One of my best shots ever.

I don't know if she was playing with me but I took 2 shots before getting this one because I knew the first 2 were crap. Keep in mind this was taken with a manual film SLR.  If she never saw me, she must have been in her own little world since I was merely 3 feet away!

This shot was taken to prove a point to a track official idiot. He suggested I get a better camera so I took this car using a simple Nikon point and shoot on full auto mode. In your face moron!

The main subject was the clown but he little girl turned around one macro second before I pressed the shutter release. This was at the end of a street protest in Montreal. This is the scan of an actual photo print made in my darkroom.
I found this alley and figured the gateway would make a great framing opportunity. I brought the camera to my eye, this guy showed up in the frame and reflexes took over. This was in Old Montreal during the big snow storm of December 27th.
Hope to make even better ones in 2013.

Happy New Year

Gerry :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Canon FTb SLR test roll

I was recently given a Canon FTb SLR with 3 lens. This is a vintage fully mechanical SLR with a dead light meter (Batteries made with mercury are no longer available). Last Friday I hooked up the 100mm lens on it and went for a walk in the Montreal Plateau district to test it out. This beast weighs the same as a WW2 German Tiger tank, so my neck got one serious work out!

Here are those amazing images.

Film used was Fuji Superia 400 ISO processed at the local pharmacy and tweaked in Gimp.

Thanks for watching.

Gerry :)

FED2 camera test roll

I recently purchased a FED2 which is a Soviet era Leica knock off. A very hefty rangefinder this is as close as I'm probably ever going to get to a Leica. It is in mint condition and it even smells fresh oil from a recent CLA.

I think I have an issue with the shutter mechanism or I'm not doing something right. The next roll will tell. I'll be going for a black and white film next time since I want this to be my main street camera.

Film used was the $0.99 Likon 100 ISO processed at the local pharmacy and tweaked using Gimp.