Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sandra McNeil's 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

For many of us, the 250 GTO is the Holy Grail of Ferraris. If Marylin Monroe was a car, this would be it. Only 39 were ever built and 33 are still confirmed to exist. This is one of 17 built as a right hand drive car. One recently sold for $25 million dollars.

James and Sandra McNeil bought chassis #3467GT in 1967 for $7 000.00.

Now to put things in perspective, Top Gear had a 250 GTO on an episode of their show. However, Jeremy Clarkson explained to us that the BBC couldn't afford the insurance the run it on the Top Gear track. So there it sat looking pretty and not much more.

Now a few weeks ago I show up at the Mont-Tremblant circuit for the Summit of Legends race week-end and here sits a 1962 250 GTO!   What does Sandra McNeil do with a car worth anywhere between 9 and 25 million dollars? Race the tires off of it. This car is not pretty, it shows its age but that's ok, it's a RACE car. The GTO was flying on the track and I had a hard time snapping it. The pictures are missing one key element, the roaring sound of that 12 cylinder engine. What beautiful music.

An extremely rare site, an actual racing 250 GTO.

Pictures taken with a Sony a230 and a Fuji X10.

Many thanks to the McNeils for sharing this wonderful car with us gearheads.

Gerry :)