Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Daido Moriyama experiment

I came across Daido Moriyama on Youtube some time ago and couldn't believe how this guy came up with some great street photography shots. Mr Moriyama has a philosophy that the camera is nothing but a tool to capture an image, a moment in time.

He uses a simple 35mm point and shoot film camera with auto-focus. His technique is also particular where he hardly uses the viewfinder, he literately points and shoots!

I decided to give this technique a go but film being so precious I didn't want to waste any on an experiment that might turn out a bunch of crappy shots. Let's face it, I wasn't expecting to master in a day what a man has worked decades to perfect. So I went ahead and loaded up the old Nikon S8100 Coolpix with some fresh memory, juiced up the battery, set it to black and white, set up ISO and focus to auto. I even blanked the view screen since I couldn't turn it off and decided to not review my shots until I got home.

Out of 110 shots, I kept 70 and 30 are to my satisfaction. Most of the images were taken in the Montreal Metro since it was a very cold day outside. Hope you like how my experiment turned out. I will definitely be doing this again.

Gerry :)

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  1. Interesting. He is using a coolpix nowadays as well. Have heard that he also uses RX0. Cheers :))