Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shooting from the inside out, Montreal's 2014 Zombie Walk

Excellent picture of me at the 2014 Montreal Zombie walk by the very talented Josée Massicotte.
I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy mastering the basics of photography. I'm pretty good on the technical side of things and I've been busy at the more philosophical side of photography. I've also been studying older processes but that's for another post.

I've been wanting to do the Montreal Zombie Walk for a while but this year was the first time I had a chance to attend. The fact that this event is high in colour, the low number of Police personnel and the total absence of the riot squad guaranteed a high number of pro and amateur photographers to cover the event. I had to find another angle to get different shots than everybody else.

This is the reaction when being photographed by a zombie!

So I decided to join the walk as a Zombie myself. Not just slapping some make up on my face and walk around with my gear. I went all out with a full outfit, actually walked and growled like a bonafide living dead. I had a working film point and shoot around my neck and carried my Sony a230 in my hand during the walk. The DSLR was pulled up for a shot at the last minute while growling to people on the sidelines.

Being inside the parade makes for some great shots as well. Especially when you are one of the zombies! People react differently, or lack any reaction, when you are one of them. People rarely pose the same compared when confronted by a gear laden photographer(My observation anyway). As a practitioner of candid street photography, this is gold for me.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I have.

Until next time, grrrooooaaaarrrr!

Gerry :)

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