Monday, March 26, 2012

Best Photography tip I ever read.

When I started to get serious about my photography not too long ago, I went on a quest on the web to find some no nonsense tips. Ken Rockwell has a ton of great tips and advice on his site. One that stuck with me was the following: If you see something you like and you want to take a picture of it, fill the frame with it. Or something like that.

So fast forward to last Thursday when I was covering the student protest march here in Montreal looking for some interesting human activity to document when I came across this awesome looking gal.

She was on a step ladder all dressed up and waving at the crowd with one of those beautiful smiles that you don't see often. The outrageous outfit, the smile and the crazy scene confirmed on the spot that I had to take a shot. The first shot was taken right when I noticed her and I must admit that I was pretty pleased with what I saw in the viewfinder and here is what came out:

I was about to move on my merry way when I remembered those words about filling the frame. So I moved in closer, composed the frame while she posed for me and took another shot. You'll agree with me that the result is a lot better than the first one.

I mean the first shot wasn't bad mind you but the second one is getting printed and framed. That photography tip is always on my mind and has paid off a few times. I choose to shoot with a 50mm lens because I want to get close to the action and results like these are the reason why. Whoever you are nice Lady, thank you.

Both pictures where taken with a Minolta X570 on Ilford Delta Pro 100 film at f5.6 on Aperture priority mode.  Lens: Rokkor MD f1.7, 50mm.

Gerry :)

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