Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mont-Tremblant racetrack Fall Classic

Spent the day at the track yesterday and the weather was bad. However, rain makes for a nice light diffuser and the results can be quite amazing. My Sony a230 DSLR was at it's limits since the light was poor and the cars were fast. Reason more to push the photographer when resources are not optimal.

2008 Hyundai Tiburon

MG driver

Fiat 750Abarth

1966 Mini Cooper

911 Porsche beauty shot

Driver Douglas Kurtain discussing with pit crew chief.

G70 Plus race getting the green flag

1965 Ford Mustang driven by Richard Cloutier

1972 Porsche 911 RS of Doug Kurtin

Honda Civic

Enrico Sasso's Turbo VW Golf

Terry Milnes Mini Cooper

Jason Di Cesar's 1969 VW Beetle

Terry Watson's 1958 Devin Chevrolet

Me in the rain

Thanks for watching.


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