Friday, January 6, 2012

Recent Minolta SRT film roll

Nothing special about this roll. I went out with my regular 50mm lens and shot the roll just to shoot. Some came out better than others but in general it's not an awesome series.

One thing that I learned from shooting this one is to keep notes. At some point I thought I had measured half the exposures of the film with 400 ISO in mind when in reality it was a 200 ISO film. Turns out I was right from the beginning, it was a 400 inside the camera. Close call.

Taken at a bicycle art show. I used a tripod with no flash.
One thing about film is that every step is a commitment. So plan ahead and keep notes as you go. You can't open the camera to check and a shot can rarely be taken twice the exact same way. As mentionned in a prior post, film slows you down and that's not a bad thing.

Same art show. This was a borderline hand held shot with no flash. A tripod would have made it a lot sharper.
Thanks for watching.

Gerry :)

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