Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introducing Trooper #2

Hello there!
 Introducing the new subject of my 2012 365 day project: Trooper #2. Why number 2? Well Wolverine was a trooper and this will be the second one. Let's find out what this guy is all about.

So Trooper, how did you come about joining this little adventure you're about to get involved in?

"After leaving the clone factory, I was drafted by Legends Action figures and then I got assigned to this detail. It's not like I had a choice."
What sets you apart from your predecessor Wolverine?

"I guess I'm more articulated and a bit slimmer. You'll also notice the helmet that hides my face so you have to guess my facial expression. Like right now, I'm making a funny face and you can't see it. That's right, a real funny creepy face."
Any worries you might face the same faith and go MIA like Wolverine?

"Dude! Don't talk about that. You wanna jinx me or something?"
Apart from that, you feel ready for the task at hand?

"Bring it on! I'm ready for anything. The past couple of days I've been played with so hard the plastic in my joints hurt. So yeah, I'm ready baby."
You think you'll be able to work with Gerry no problem?

"The guy seems cool and he can actually build things for me. As long as he keeps me out of his pizza plate, I guess we'll be OK."
I hear you have weapons and possibly other accessories?

"I came with a staff(A glorified stick really.), a bazooka laser kinda thing and a wimpy laser blaster. I mean come on, us background characters couldn't hit a barn at 3 feet with a canon and you expect us to hit something with a precise laser burst? I hope Gerry makes me a shotgun, don't need to be accurate with those. In the meantime he got me this cool Manga Japanese made assault rifle. I'm also planning on raiding this figurine collection in Montreal-North I heard about for some accessories."

See you January 1st then?

"Sure thing. Gotta go. These cops at an accident scene want to match me up with a couple of chicks."

Thanks for watching.

Gerry :)

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