Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa delivered!

Well Santa was nice this year as I got some new gear, the Canon G12. So here is the new camera that I'll be using to document most of my next 365 Project: Trooper #2.

Trooper #2-"Do you have your papers?" G12-"No, there on a CD for Mac and Windows so if you run Linux, you're out of luck."
I had to download the manual off the web but it was well worth it.

Of course both of these pictures were taken with the Nikon S8100 that I will keep for wide angle shots.

Here are some of the first shots taken with the G12. Now it's just a matter of getting used to it and learning just how far I can push that thing. It is very rugged and it has the same Canon layout menus as any other Canon Powershot, which I'm already familiar with. Except this one has a few short cuts to the functions in the form of buttons and knobs readily accessible on the body of the camera.

The coolest Grandson

The swivle screen makes self portraits easy.

Thanks for watching.

Gerry :)

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