Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wolverine Day 64...the end

Wolverine, MIA December 18th 2012

What you have here is the last image of Wolverine. Shortly after taking this picture, he went missing. What was supposed to be a routine suicidal Sunday before Christmas shopping excursion turned to tragedy when I realized that Wolverine was gone. I looked over every single pocket and he was nowhere to be found.

He was last seen at the Centre Laval food court around 1500 hours on this December 18th 2011. He might have fallen from my pocket or I might have dumped him in the trash by accident after this picture was taken, I don't know. I'm not worried, the way I see it he has escaped once again. I'm pretty sure he did so with his previous owner and that's how I got to find him on the ground of a parking lot. Even if he ends up in a landfill, I'm not worried. Wolverine is tough, as a lot of character and he is non-biodegradable. I'm certain he will be found by alien archaeologists thousands of years from now and mistakenly identified as a religious idol from a barbarian tribe of humans.

I will not start a new 365 day project right away. I'd like to start one on January 1st and I'm open to suggestions. Please feel free to send me feedback.

Thanks for watching and Wolverine where ever you are, thanks for a great ride. It was a lot of fun.

Gerry :)

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