Monday, October 10, 2011

How to do thru the viewfinder photography

For over 40 years this Kodak Duaflex has served my family well from my Father to me. Unfortunately Kodak pulled the plug on the 620 size film used for this camera back in the mid 90's.

The camera found its way in the closet and stayed there until recently. No I didn't rewind 120 film to 620 spool or buy old 620 film on Ebay for a King's ransom. I recycled our old Duaflex with TTV or Thru The View finder photography. I'll share with you how to do it.

Any camera can be used for this, all that changes is the box you'll have to make to hold your digital camera and block off the exterior light.

I removed the excess deflector on the Duaflex and made a box, not a pretty one I agree, to hold my Nikon and keep excess light from the immediate surroundings out.

In order to measure how high your box will be, hold the camera you will use above the viewfinder, set your camera on macro (That's the flower symbol.) and play with the height until you can make focus. Measure the distance between the viewfinder camera and the body of your digital camera where it will sit on the box. That is how long your support box will have to be.

I measured once and had to cut twice!

Whatever material you use to make yours, make sure that the inside of the box is lined with black material. Black cardboard will do fine. I also use a lot of flat black Hockey tape. Whatever you use for the exterior is fine. I've seen some nice examples on Flickr.

Once you have your set-up done, put your camera on the Macro setting and you are ready to go. All that will be needed is a photo edit software to crop and horizontally flip (If you wish) your image. The result is akin to the old 6 X 6 format in my case. Some like to keep their viewfinder dirty in order to have a real vintage look. I myself prefer a clean viewfinder but it all boils down to personal taste. Mine as a crack in it and I see that as its signature.

Remember you make pictures for yourself first, if other people like them, then good for them. You can check out more TTV at the Flickr TTV group.

Until next time, have fun and keep taking pictures.

Gerry :)

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