Sunday, October 2, 2011

The one thing you need for great pictures, a tripod.

My Old School $5 tripod

If there is one thing you want to get to help you take great pictures my advice is, get a tripod. Any tripod, price is irrelevant here, as long as the thing can hold your camera steady and level, you're in business.

Even with the Force it would be impossible to take this shot without a tripod

My tripod is a beat up dinosaur from another era. It's seen better days but it works fine, it is very sturdy and it only cost me $5. I found it at a thrift store so keep your eyes peeled when you're out at garage sales and the likes, you never know.

There is a street lamp directly behind this tree making this cool lighting effect
 A tripod allows you to take pictures in very low light conditions and when you combine the use of the timer, it helps you make some amazing looking stuff. Even in good light it will help you make very sharp pictures since you totally eliminate any camera shake.

Timing is everything

Again you don't have to spend a fortune but you can if you want. Mine was only missing a level and I got one from a cheapo dollar store level that I simply taped to it.

This helps a lot
All the shots in this post were taken using my Nikon Coolpix S8100 on my trusty tripod. Except the pictures of the tripod of course. I used a stick propped up on some furniture for that.
Old Montreal on De La Commune Street

Until next time, have fun and keep taking pictures.

Gerry :)

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