Saturday, October 8, 2011

Taking action shots with a digital camera

Bobby at the "Tour la nuit"

Digital cameras (especially point and shoots) are not that great at taking action shots. The reason behind that is that the camera has to do a lot of things like analysing the shot and focusing even before it can even start to process the image. we're talking upwards of 1 full second compared to a 35mm film SLR that can do it as fast as 1/5000th of a second.

The "Désolé" Bus

What I have found with my Nikon point and shoot is that I have to anticipate the shot. Don't try taking it right there on the spot, it won't happen. Unless you like real blurry pictures!

I find a point at the same distance where my subject is going to be and half press the shutter button to get in focus. Then I wait for the action to start and shoot ahead of what might happen and hope for good results. The skateboarders are great examples of this tactic. They are fast and stuff happens real quick.

Another thing I do is follow through with the subject. This is great with anything that moves in a linear fashion may it be cars, bikes or people. The slower they are, the easier the shot.

So go out there and experiment. Practice makes perfect.

Until next time, have fun and keep taking pictures.

Gerry :)

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