Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shooting a 1/24 scale Rat style VW Bus

Just having fun this evening shooting this model of a rat style VW Bus that I made at 1/24 scale a while back. The previous pictures are some of the most viewed pics on my Flickr account. This work is still in progress.

Since I've worked some more on this model since, I figured it was overdue for another shoot. I played a bit with the lighting and the set-up using some techniques I found online. Notice that I didn't bother dusting the model before the shoot. Something to remember always when you do macro pĥotography.

The set-up I used for both pictures

The background is a painting I did based on a picture of that same bus. I used a fluorescent desk lamp on the right shining through a sheet of paper, the light bounces on the other side on a white piece of cardboard and finally an LED spot shines on the back ground. The model sits on a piece of glass laid down on some black foam-core.

Until next time, keep taking pictures.

Gerry :)

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